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Hard Hit (2021) Subtitle Download

Hard Hit (2021)

Head of a bank center in Busan, Sung Gyu drives his daughter Hye In to her college entrance exam. A phone call comes in on Hye In’s phone with a restriction on the number display (also known by the slang “black call”). She takes the call, and a voice tells her, “There’s a bomb under your seat right now.” And as soon as you stop and get out of the car, it’s going to explode, she is told. In the middle of downtown Busan, the frightened run of Sung Gyu’s family begins. “Restricted Call” is an urban chase thriller about a family in an unpredictable situation due to a mysterious phone call.

Release date June 23, 2021
Language English
Running time 1h 34min
File type SRT (.srt file)

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How to Add Hard Hit (2021) Subtitle Files to Movie

We have made adding Hard Hit (2021) subtitle to movies on video players like VLC player much easier by uploading only the needed files which is the .srt files. All you need is follow the steps below to add the Hard Hit (2021).srt subtitle file to your movie.

  • Start by downloading Hard Hit (2021) subtitle file from any on the download links above
  • Move the Hard Hit (2021).srt subtitle file you’ve just downloaded to the folder you have the movie.
  • Hard Hit (2021) will need you to launch VLC player/MX player or download here if don’t already have it installed
  • Allow it to parse all media files including Hard Hit (2021) Movie you have on your Android device,
  • Open the movie you want to add Hard Hit (2021) subtitle to, then click on “player” icon at the bottom left corner
  • Hard Hit (2021) Subtitle needs to be added properly for you to enjoy the Hard Hit (2021) Movie
  • Expand “subtitles” and click on “select subtitle file” option to select Hard Hit (2021) subtitle
  • Now select Hard Hit (2021) SRT subtitle file you’ve just downloaded from the file directories
  • Hard Hit (2021) Subtitle file will be instantly added to your movie.
  • Download English Subtitles just as you’ve downloaded Hard Hit (2021) English SRT Subtitle

Now once you’ve done the above steps in adding Hard Hit (2021) Subtitle, enjoy your movie!

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