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In this blogpost, we will get to know how to earn up to 100$ and withdraw on Appinio survey. Appinio survey is a new paying survey platform that pays it users to answer polls, survey questions etc.

How interesting it is knowing you can make some bucks online just by answering few survey polls and questions. If you’ve been looking for a additional source of income then Appinio might be your best shot.

Making up to 100$ or more just require you answering various surveys and polls anytime they’re available. All these at the comfort of your home, school or office which makes it more interesting.

Without much talks, we will get to know what Appinio is all about, how to earn from it, how their referral program works and how to withdraw your funds from the survey platform

What’s Appinio

Appinio is a new survey company that allows you to earn by answering survey questions and polls. They reward you with points after answering a survey which you can later use to redeem vouchers or PayPal funds.

There are about 20 categories such as politics, current topics, sports etc. in which you can answer surveys from and earn points in return. You can also post your own pols and see what people think about it.


How to Earn Up to 100$ On Appinio Survey

Follow the instructions below to be able to participate and earn up to 100$ from the survey network.

Appinio is an app based survey which is available only to the resident of USA, UK and Germany. This is a setback for African and Asian countries.

To bypass this restrictions follow the steps below.

  • Go to Google Play App settings
  • Clear Data/Storage of the app
  • Now connect to a VPN (USA,UK)
  • Create a new Gmail address with the VPN turned on
  • After that make sure you’ve signed in the new Gmail account on your phone
  • Head over to Google PlayStore and switch account to the newly created Gmail address
  • Once done, the app should now be available your PlayStore

With that being solved let move to how to how we can sign up and earn on Appinio

How to Earn On Appinio Surveys

Follow the procedures accordingly to earn up to 100$ or more on Appinio Survey.

  • First thing is to make sure you’re connected to a VPN, set the location to USA, UK or Germany
  • Now Download and Sign Up on Appinio here
  • Launch the app and sign in
  • Then start answering poll and survey questions, you can locate the surveys on the “COINS” section of the app, you can get as high as 750 points per survey
  • You can also share your referral links to friends and earn as much as 50 points once they sign up and 1500 points once they’ve reached level 14.
  • To copy and share your referral link, click on “Profile” and copy your referral link

That’s basically how to earn up to 100$ on Appinio survey, Once you keep answering survey questions and polls you keep getting points and keep earning.

How To Withdraw From Appinio Survey

The withdrawal methods supported by Appinio Survey includes PayPal, Amazon gift card and social donation. If you’re an African (eg. Nigeria) or an Asian then the best withdrawal method you can go for is PayPal.

With PayPal you can request for withdrawal once you meet the minimum point requirement which is 10,000 and your withdrawal will be processed in few days.

To withdraw click on Coins then scroll down to Vouchers, select PayPal and Provide your PayPal Email address and proceed. Then in few days your withdrawal will be sent.

That’s all on how to earn up to 100$ on Appinio Survey. Enjoy!!!

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