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How to Rectify Negative Diamond Restriction on Garena Free Fire

In this blog post we will get to know how to rectify negative diamond restrictions on Garena Free Fire. This particular issue of negative diamond restriction is now rampant especially if you’re the top up type.

Garena Free Fire might impose a restriction on your account if they notice a refund on the diamond purchase you already made thereby restricting you from playing Free Fire games until you made a top up of the equivalent diamonds that was initially refunded.

Why are Garena Free Fire Diamond Important

This question keeps coming up over and over again but if you actually a gamer that fancy cool outfits and EVO gun skins then Free Fire diamond will be your best shot of getting them.

Diamonds in Free fire has lots of uses and it gives you access to cool and premium skins and outfits so you might always want to do with them.

Sometimes errors might occur that you won’t even ask of a refund and neither did Google play refund you the cash you initially top up and still have the negative diamond restrictions.

These restrictions won’t allow you participate in any of their games until you refill your account with the negative diamond equivalent or more. For example, you logged into your account and saw a negative balance of about “-291”, You’ll be expected to make a diamond top up of 291″ or more.

Without much talks let get straight to how to remove this negative diamond restrictions.

How to Remove Negative Diamond Restrictions On Garena Free Fire

To remove this restrictions, there are few things you might need to worry about like “was the cash refunded to my account”, “Why was I given Negative Balance”.

What you need do is to contact Garena Free Fire on their Support page which will be mentioned below, explain to them and it will be resolved.

Now let get into the into the step by step process of contacting Garena Free Fire.

  • Click on sign-in button and authenticate with your socials
  • After signing in your in-game name will automatically appear which shows you have successfully logged in
  • Now select your Server from the list and provide your account UID
  • Under the “Type of Request” field select “Negative Diamonds”
  • Now you’ll be needing a screenshot of the ban notification that appears anytime you login
  • Attach the screenshot of the ban message
  • Enter description (How the payment was done and explain you were not refunded)
  • After filling all that click on Submit Request”

Note: Make sure you are actually not refunded and you didn’t ask for refund or else your request will be ignored and won’t be able to participate in Free Fire games until you finally top up the right amount.

Recap of Few Things Needed to Contact Garena Support

  • Email Address
  • Player’s UID
  • In-Game Name
  • Player’s Server
  • Screenshot of Ban Message
  • Description

Upon completing those steps, the restriction placed on your Garena Free Fire account will be removed and negative balance disappeared.


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