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How to Top up On Garena Free fire with Nigerian Bank Cards

I have received many requests from people asking how to top up on Garena Free Fire with their Nigerian Bank Cards, or even asking to top up for them. That’s the main motive behind this blog post.

This blog post will be teaching the step by step guide on how to successfully top up your Garena Free fire account with your Nigerian Bank cards (Verve, Visa and Mastercard)

It is definitely annoying wanting to top up your Free fire account and be getting response like “PAYMENT UNSUCCESSFUL” while having enough funds to make the payment in your bank card.

This method of making top up might be a bit tasking to do but since we don’t have a choice and we need our accounts being topped.

Most times these errors are common with First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Cards and some other financial institution cards but the steps below will help solve the issue of payment unsuccessful while attempting to make a diamond purchase on Garena Free Fire

Without much talks, let get straight to how you can simply top up on Garena Free fire with your Mastercard or Visa card.

How to Top Up on Garena Free Fire With Nigerian Bank Cards

Below are the step by step guide on how to successfully make diamond top up on free fire without the help of a third party.

In this method we will be using a new Gmail address which must also be the phone’s primary email and the email must be created with the IP address of a country that uses USD as their local currency which is the United States.

The primary goal is we want our Nigerian cards to be charged in united states dollars (USD) which will prevent currency differences and allows for smooth top up.

Now let get started on how to make the new Gmail address for smooth Garena Free fire top ups.

  • Download any VPN app (Turbo VPN, TunnelBear VPN, or Windscribe VPN)
  • Launch the VPN app and connect to United States (US)
  • Upon successful connection, open chrome or any browser and create a new Gmail account.
  • Make sure your VPN is still connected while creating the Gmail account
  •  Now Add the Gmail account to your device. To do that head over to settings⇒Accounts⇒Add account⇒Personal (IMAP).
  • Add the new Gmail Credentials and confirm logged in.
  • Now remove all other Gmail accounts you might have before to make the newly added the primary email
  • Make sure the newly added is your primary Gmail address unless it won’t work
  • After all of that now you are good to go
  • Open Garena Free fire and head over to top up account.
  • You will notice the top up currency is now in USD ($)
  • Click on the amount you with to top up and add your Nigerian Bank card details
  • Confirm the Card details and click on “PAY
  • You’ll then see a notification saying “Payment Successful” and your card will now be debited.
  • After that you can now add your previously removed Gmail accounts to your device.

That’s the procedures to follow anytime you want to top up your Free fire account without involving a third party.

Note: If you followed those procedures and you still saw Naira (₦) instead of USD ($), then you probably haven’t made the new Gmail address the primary mail or you didn’t follow the procedures above when creating the new Gmail Account.

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  1. Supreme desty

    The new Gmail account does not have my free fire can I use that primary mail that I have use with VPN to top up my free fire account, that is in my other Gmail account

    1. Just sign out all other Gmail accounts you have on your device, then sign in the Gmail created with VPN then try topping up with the currency in $$

      Hope this helps..

  2. Dêsty süprêmê

    I have did all that but yet, my request to top up was still saying error,

    1. Probably you didn’t follow the above steps well, If you did then you should probably have no issues.

      If you can see this share us a screenshot of the error so we can help you further.

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